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Our Story

When looking for a new home in Washington, we focused on finding a piece of property that we could really enjoy the yard. We found a nice home on an acre of land. There must have been at least 60 trees ranging from 50 to 75 feet tall. The species included ponderosa pine, poplar, maple and black locust. Needless to say there were plenty of leaves, grass clippings, and yard debris to clean up. The previous owners had chosen to make a "compost" pile that included years of yard debris rather than hauling it away. The "compost" pile was at least 20' by 40' and at least 4' high in some places. It was located all along the north side of the back yard. Additionally, there was an old broken down chicken coop and multiple tree stumps.

We had a vision of what the yard could look like if only we could get rid of all of the debris. We had a pickup that we put to good use. However, after 10 to 15 trips to the landfill and not much progress, we knew we needed something much larger. John called around for dumpster rental prices. In addition to rental costs there were fuel fees, delivery fees and dumping fees. Not to mention the dumpster and the truck used for delivery were too large to fit through the gate to the back yard. All the debris would have to be placed in a wheel barrow and taken to the front yard where the dumpster would be placed. We finally found a 3 cubic yard hydraulic dump trailer that could be delivered to us and we could fill it and take it to the landfill ourselves. It was charged per day... so we made as many trips as we could from sun up until 6 that evening. We hauled away a lot of debris that day; however, it still took many days and many loads hauled to the landfill in our truck to finish the job.

When we investigated the franchise (Bin There Dump That), the fact that the truck and dumpsters are designed to be residential friendly really stood out to us. Considering what we went through, the advantages to home owners were so obvious. A lot of the expense and inconvenience could have been avoided if this service was available in our area. The truck and dumpster would have fit through our gate and the dumpster could have been placed close to where we were working, we could have kept it for seven days if we needed it, and we could have fit up to 20 cubic yards of waste in one load. Not to mention they would have hauled the waste to the landfill and unloaded it... not us.

The advantages and services we offer you with "Bin There Dump That" include:

Bin There Dump That is the dumpster rental company to call for all of your roll off dumpster rental needs!.

Fits in Tight Places

We are able to get the dumpsters into and out of places that companies with larger trucks can't even consider. Driveways, carports, parking spaces.... not a problem.

We Protect Your Property

Your dumpster will be placed on boards to protect your property. Great for asphalt, stamped driveways, concrete and brick surfaces.

Easy Walk-in Loading

The dumpsters are square and flat providing "walk-in-loading". The design eliminates the dead space created by curved or slanted bottoms and provides the customer with more fill capacity.

Sweep up debris

When the dumpster is picked-up, we will sweep the area before we leave. The most important service we provide is DEPENDABILITY.

We also cover the surrounding areas. Click to see the full list of service areas


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